New International Airport of Kennesaw


Cobb County Intl Airport is the local and international airport in Kennesaw.  It is located 21 miles northwest of the central business district of Atlanta, located immediately to the south of Kennesaw city in the Cobb County, Georgia, US. The airport functions 24 hours a day and is also designated as a weather station. It is also controlled between the midnight hours and 6:00 am.

Located nearly 320 acres of land, it has one runway which is 6,305 feet long with an east-west orientation. Located at the east end with Cobb parkway, it has an interesting McCollum parkway on the west end.  The airfield is located 1,040 feet above the main sea level which is somewhat above the average terrain for the area. There is a control tower in the airport.
There are about 358 aircrafts based on the airport: 55 multi-engine, 251 single engine, 13 helicopters and 39 jet aircraft. The 49% of the operations are single engine whereas the remaining 49 percent are a multi-engine. The air taxis consist of 1 percent. Two fixed-base operators and two charter companies service the Cobb county airport. The airport remains busy with the aerial tours mainly because the scenic Appalachian Mountains are just half an hour away from it.

The McCollum field is also owned by Cobb County, characterized and operated by the County Transportation department as a municipal airport.  It’s managed full-time and professionally by the airport manager.  The airport has about 185 people working for it with a yearly impact of more than US $47 million to the local economy.